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About Joy Dekok

I'm an author, storyteller, blogger, amateur nature photographer and a ponderer of God and His Word. Some call me an encourager. I've been known to eavesdrop - it's part of the writing job description. Really. I love hanging out with my husband, our dogs, family, and friends. And since they are all providers of potential writing material, I'm sort of always writing.


  1. Pam Manners says

    Hello there, Joy. First time here on your blog.

    What a great post! This morning, I woke up and was moved to pick up a book I’d purchased earlier this year, ‘Hungry For God,’ by author/speaker Margaret Feinberg. Coincidence? I think not. Your post here is a wonderful companion piece to what I’ve read from her book so far. And a wonderful introduction to YOU! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Take care, Joy!
    Pam Manners

    • Joy Dekok says

      Thanks for stopping by, Pam! I hope you’ll come again. When I first read your comment, I visited your site. We have much in common and it’s going to be great getting to know you via your blog.

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