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No Words Today ~ A Writing Life Poem


Barren - Writing Life Poem Joy DeKok

The words are hiding today. Except for these.

No Words Today

The words just aren’t coming today

I’ve tried this and that and still – no way!

I wanted them to find their way to the page,

But, they have decided to stay in their cage.

I don’t care if they aren’t superstars,

I just want them free from the lock and bars!

I have other things I need to write,

I’ve tried and tried with all my might.

But, this brand new story idea of mine

Is risky and will force me to step out of line. . .

Those words came in an easy rush,

I yelled at them – “Would you please hush!”

They refused my very simple request,

I’m not very happy as you may have guessed.

Instead, the silence is standing its ground.

And seems to be ready for one more round.

Maybe if I write them, they’ll get out of the way,

And land in my shredder by the end of today.

Or perhaps a nap will clear my brain,

This being stuck place is really a pain!

And yes, I also fear what you might think,

Of an author coach stuck on the brink,

Refusing an idea that could sell lots of books,

So I can avoid all those questioning looks,

From people I love who won’t understand,

That murder and mystery are now part of my brand.

It’s a really short story, for Pete’s sake,

So why does it feel like there’s more at stake?


Until Next Time,


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