Slow and Steady and Gentle

Today is an office day and I love that. It’s also July and the temperature is in the 70s, the humidity is low, and the breath in the breeze is just right. And I love that even more. So. . .I ate my lunch then took a large iced tea (unsweetened with extra ice) on […]


Finding His Song

Early one spring morning, while sipping my second cup of coffee, a mama chickadee and four babies settled onto branches on the bush outside the window. I’d seen them coming, and she flew while her little ones fluttered. They were darling, and the littlest one had little feather tufts on his all over making him […]


Thank You Song {Excerpt From Under His Wings}

As dusk settled over the woods, the urgent call of a cardinal broke the silence. A male redbird fluttered at the kitchen window where I was drying the dishes. My husband and I went outside to see what was disturbing him. He flew just ahead of us, continuing his agitated cry. He landed near a […]

Blank Pages

Drawing a Blank {Writing Life}

“What is it about blank pages that can cause a shudder to race across the souls of some people? I love blank pages. Really. I look at all that emptiness and know that I’ve been invited to a party where my words are the guest of honor. While I enjoy paging through my old journal […]